Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Brown Berets de Aztlan Want You!!

JOIN US. There are many Brown Beret groups out there today, and most do great things in the community. The difference with us is, our history, values, track record. We don't lie about what we do like others have, and our soldiers never retire. THERE IS NO RETIRING FROM THE CHICANO MOVEMENT. Any real activist will agree. We have members who have been shot, imprisoned, have had major health problems due to age or at the hands of police, slain by police, and we never quit. WE ARE the oldest Brown Beret Organization and have always kept the Brown Beret name alive. We are the only Brown Berets who have been around for 40 years and we have the proof to back it up, we are not looking to brag, we only wish for young revolutionaries who have just joined the movement to know the facts. We have had many achievements and victories over the years, but we are far from finished. We are currently setting up chapters all over Aztlan and looking to recruit quality soldados and soldadas for our ranks. We are not like other groups, should you decide to inquire about joining, you will need to earn every stripe and patch. You will not be given anything that is not earned. WE WANT REAL SOLDIERS. We have and will always be fighting for our Raza as long as it takes! The Brown Berets de Aztlan are not an internet based group, so if you like what you've read then contact us for more info. QUE VIVA LA LUCHA!!!!!


  1. Anybody remember the cell that met at the Pleasanton, CA labor camp at the old Camp Parks back in 1971?

  2. 1/5/12 ~ Good website for now. We should use Internet Power and all forms of communications. Want to keep in touch. I am a former Brown Beret from the 70s Respect the Brown Berets but do not subscribe to Chicano cultural nationalism.

    We have a small Sacra Brown Beret groups here in Sacramento. We will see what we will see. Keep in touch.

    Venceremos Unidos! Peter S. Lopez AKA @Peta_de_Aztlan
    Email peta.aztlan@gmail.com