Saturday, October 1, 2011

NSM Neo-Nazis plan on having one of their own run for office in CA***

Racist Pigs from the N.S.M
The N.S.M (National Socialist Movement) is planning on having one of their own run for office here in Califas once again in the upcoming elections. For those out there who didn't know, a Candidate who ran for public office in 2010 was a member of the N.S.M. His name is Jeff Hall out of Riverside. He received almost 30% of the Votes in 2010 when he ran for a seat on the Western Municipal Water Board.
Vote Count Percent :
TOM EVANS   17,511 ~ 72.21%
JEFF HALL     6,738 ~ 27.79%
     Total            24,249  ~ 100.00%
They plan to do it again in the upcoming elections, as posted on their website:
Keep a look out for these racist pigs. They are plotting and planning even now as you are reading this, so we must stay two steps ahead. Be aware and be prepared. 

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