Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brown Berets de Aztlan NOW RECRUITING!!

We are the oldest Brown Beret Organization. We stand up and fight for the rights of our people through Revolutionary Action. We aren't your typical "all talk" organization, we are here to get the job done through our actions and not just through propaganda. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in and you have a passion for the RAZA then contact us for more info.

Just because you contact us it does not mean you will automatically qualify for membership, there is a protocol you must follow to be a real Brown Beret. We are not an internet based group.


  1. We have chapters throughout AZTLAN and are currently expanding. We battle issues such as "illegal migration", police brutality, gang injunctions, mistreatment of our farmworkers, and many other issues our gente are plagued with by the system.

  2. Ola fello Chicanos and Chicanitas. Together,Venceremos !; el futuro,the future is ours,through our hands flow this nation's sustanance and goods.Our muscle and our spirit, make this reality possible.Check out www.aztlannow.us,sign the "Sutainability Declaration". Find out how this movement will benefit all, including La Raza, check out the
    backyard Aquaponics,movimiento.Viva la Raza!