Thursday, September 29, 2011

“Occupy Wall Street” Spreads to San Diego: Set to begin October 7th in Gaslamp District

a pic of a former protest in S.D.

Editor of the OB Rag says: We received the following from “Occupy San Diego”, which is planning on holding a solidarity action in support of the current “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations that have been occurring daily since September 17th in and around Wall Street in New York City.  Who knows what state the Manhattan actions will be in by time the San Diego protest rolls around, but the San Diego organizers are planning daily meetings.
 SAN DIEGO-Occupy San Diego is standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in NYC, and will begin a peaceful civil disobedience protest of the global financial corruption currently invading politics, media and corporations, by occupying an open space in the Gaslamp District indefinitely starting on October 7, 2011 at 4:30 pm.
 We will peacefully and permanently occupy a space until a list of our demands, that will be in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street in NYC, are met by the City and County of San Diego, and by the Federal Government.
 The long term and overnight occupation will include marching, teach-ins, sit-ins, break out groups and vigils for Troy Davis, a young, black man on death row, recently put to death by the state of Georgia.
 We will also be reaching out to existing political activist groups and labor unions in the San Diego community to stand in solidarity with us.
 Since San Diego is one of many hubs of military activity in our country, we will stand in solidarity with the American troops, who are pawns of the system, and a part of the 99% of the American people, manipulated by Wall Street and the 1%. A very large number of veterans in San Diego, and around the country, remain unemployed after returning from service in current wars, and they are encouraged to join our occupation demonstration.
 Occupy San Diego will begin holding General Assembly meetings in preparation for this demonstration beginning September 27 at 6pm at the Martin Luther King Promenade Park across from the Convention Center Trolley Station, located at 5th Ave. at N Harbor Drive in downtown San Diego. Meetings will commence here daily until the permanent occupation on October 7.
 About Occupy San Diego:
Only 1% of people in this country own and control a majority of the wealth, and this power has invaded into all aspects of our life – politics, media and corporations. We are the 99% and we will be quiet about this inequality no longer. We will take back for the people, what already belongs to the people – our country. For more information about Occupy San Diego visit and for more information about Occupy Wall Street please visit
email: info at occupytogether dot org

It seems that "Occupy Wall St." is spreading like wildfire all across the country! Protests are popping up all through California. San Diego, Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and of course all across the states. GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND RECOGNIZE AN OPPORTUNITY! THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ALL WHO ARE INVOLVED IN THE STRUGGLE FOR LIBERATION!!!! 

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